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Delivery & Installation

Across town or across country, Urban Office Design coordinates all deliveries so that your furnishings arrive on-site on schedule. And once your products arrive, our trained and experienced installers bring your space - and your vision - to life.  They have an extensive understanding of all our product lines, as well as many other manufacturers, and they understand the importance of having your space ready for users on day one.

During installation, we promote a clean, safe site. When the installation process is finished, our great service isn’t. We train your employees on how to use the product, follow up to assure your are satisfied, and work with vendors to repair or replace any damaged, missing or incomplete items.

Through it all, you can be sure your furniture delivery and installation is in good hands.  Because at Urban Office Design, we only hire qualified individuals with years of industry experience. Then, we set performance standards throughout our installation procedures to guarantee that the process consistently lives up to our high standards.

Our delivery and installation resources include

   Full fleet of company owned and leased vehicles
   Qualified authorized drivers
   Experienced installation leads
   Trained and knowledgeable installation team
   Installation preparation and supervision
   Waste removal

Contact us today to learn more or to speak to a professional workplace consultant.

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